Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief (1)
Prof. Dr. Graham Pawelec Website

Experimental Immunology, Department of Immunology, University of Tübingen, 72076 Tübingen, Germany

Cancer Solutions Program, Health Sciences North Research Institute, Sudbury, ON P3E 2H2, Canada

Interests: Cancer Immunotherapy; Immune Monitoring; Vaccination; Immune Ageing in Humans
Associate Editor (1)
Xueji Zhang Website

Vice President of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, P. R. China

Prof., School of Biomedical Engineering, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, P. R. China

Interests: Chemistry, Biology, Materials and Medicine with an Emphasis on Studies of Biosensing, Biomedicine, Biomaterials
Editor Board Members (57)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Heinbockel

Department of Anatomy, Howard University College of Medicine, Washington, DC, USA

Interests: Translational Medicine; Drug Discovery; Neural Signaling and Synaptic Transmission in the Central Nervous System; Functional Organization of the Olfactory and Limbic System; Cellular and Network Mechanisms of Brain Function and Dysfunction Studied With Electrophysiological; Optical; Anatomical; and Pharmacological Methods
Prof. Dr. William L. Stone

James H Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN 3761, USA

Interests: System Medicine; Molecular Biology; Cancers; Proteomics
Prof. Dr. Rajeshwar Tekmal

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, San Antonio, TX 78229, USA

Interests: Cancer; Endocrine System; Molecular Biology
Arianna Pani

Asst. Prof., Pharmacology, University of Milan, Italy

Interests: Toxicology, Oncology, Internal Medicine (General Medicine)
Changxue Xu

Asst. Prof., Department of Industrial, Manufacturing & Systems Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX 79409, USA

Interests: 3D bioprinting and biofabrication of vascular structures, Filament thinning and droplet formation of viscoelastic bioink, Guided cell migration on microtopographic surfaces, Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces for drag reduction and oil/water separation
Dr. Alessandro Poggi

Molecular Oncology and Angiogenesis Unit, IRCCS Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, 16132 Genova GE, Italy

Interests: Blood and Bone Marrow; Cancer; Immune System; Signaling
Dr. Arthur J. Chu

Adjunct Professor in Biology, Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY, USA

Interests: Blood Coagulation/Thrombosis; Intermediate Metabolism; Lipid Chemistry & Biochemistry; Gastrointestinal Fat Absorption; Lipoprotein Metabolism; Atherosclerosis; Membrane Biology; Fibrinolysis; Signal Transduction; Sepsis; Inflammation
Dr. Aziz Eftekhari

Asst. Prof., Pharmacology and Toxicology, Maragheh University of Medical Sciences, East Azerbaijan - Maragheh, Iran

Interests: Food Additive Toxicology; Nutritional Toxicology; Nutrient-Nutrient Interactions; Macronutrients and Macronutrient Substitutes; Food substances that Mitigate Toxicity: Antitoxicants and Anticarcinogens; Toxicant Metabolism and Risk Assessment; Natural Products; Pesticides; Biosensors and Nano sensors for the detection of disease and toxins; Novel antioxidant and nano-antioxidants against toxicities; The assessment of environmental hazards and nanoparticles; Environmental effects on gene regulation; Mechanistic in vitro and in vivo modelling of drug-induced liver injury; Development of molecular targeted agents and biomarkers in cancer; Analytical instruments for environmental contaminants analyses; Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) monitoring and abatement; Cellular and molecular mechanisms of xenobiotic induced hepatotoxicity
Dr. Bei Gao

State Key Laboratory of Desert and Oasis Ecology, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China

Interests: Plant Evolutionary Genomics; Dessication Tolerance; Bryology
Dr. Christian Borgo

Department Biomedical Sciences, University of Padova, Italy

Interests: Analysis of the Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Underlying the Normal and Deregulated Signaling Pathways Mediated by Protein Kinases
Dr. Emanuele Luigi Carniel

Head of the Centre for Mechanics of Biological Materials, University of Padova, 35122 Padova PD, Italy

Interests: Mechanical Functionality of Biological Tissues and Structures
Dr. Francesco Gavelli

Department of Translational Medicine and Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Eastern Piedmont, Via Solaroli 17, 28100 Novara, Italy

Interests: Inflammatory Responses; Sepsis; Haemodynamics; Diagnostics; Therapeutics; Critical care
Dr. Francesco Sessa

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Foggia, Foggia, Italy

Interests: Genetics and Molecular Biology; Forensics and Biological Sciences; Forensic Genetics; Genomic Physiology; Aging and Genetics; Pharmacology; Toxicology; Health Professions; Translational Pharmacology; Biochemistry
Dr. Gustavo Yannarelli

Principal Investigator, National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina

Director, Gene Regulation & Stem Cells Laboratory, Institute for Translational Medicine, Transplantation and Bioengineering (IMeTTyB), Favaloro University–CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interests: Mesenchymal Stem Cells; Extracellular Vesicles; Tissue Regeneration; OCT4; Multipotency; Differentiation
Dr. Jinming Han

Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Interests: Microglia; Monocytes; Macrophages; Neuroimmunology; Multiple sclerosis; Leukoencephalopathy; Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders; CSF1R gene
Dr. Kebin Hu

Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology and Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Penn State University College of Medicine, H040, 500 University Drive, Hershey, PA17033, USA

Interests: Blood and Bone Marrow; Cardiovascular System; Cell Biology; Immune System; Inflammatory Responses; Molecular Biology; Respiratory Tract; Signaling
Dr. Khaleque Newaz Khan

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Clinical and Translational Research Center, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, 465 Kajii-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-8566, Japan

Interests: Molecular Biology; Reproductive Biology
Dr. Masoud Foroutan

Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Abadan, Iran

Interests: Medical Parasitology; Toxoplasmosis; Vaccine; Bioinformatics; Systematic Reviews
Dr. Ömer Güllülü

Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology, University Hospital Frankfurt, Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, 60590 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Interests: Cellular Stress Response, Formation and Composition Dynamics of Biocondensates, Loss/Gain of Function of Protein Disorder & Phase-Separation & Aggregation, Molecular Origins of Life and Multicellularity, Synthetic Organelle & Compartment & Cell, Molecular Mechanisms of Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Rajib Deb

ICAR-National Research Center on Pig Rani, Guwahati-781 131, Assam, India

Interests: Genes and Genetics; Molecular Biology
Dr. Rene Cortese

Children Health Research Institute and Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health. School of Medicine. University of Missouri. Columbia, MO, USA

Core Faculty, Institute for Data Science and Informatics. University of Missouri. Columbia, MO, USA

Interests: Epigenetics; Cell-free DNA; Cancer; Sleep; Developmental Origin of Disease
Dr. Wei Lan

Department of Computer Science, School of Computer, Electronics and Information, Guangxi University, Nanning, Guangxi, 530008, P.R.China

Interests: Bioinformatics
Dr. Yongxing Zhu

Yangtze University, Jingzhou 434000, Hubei, P.R. China

Interests: Vegetable Physiology and Biochemistry
Guohui Sun

Assoc. Prof., College of Life Science and Chemistry, Faculty of Environment and Life, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, P.R. China

Interests: Mechanism of Anticancer Alkylating Agents, Tumor Resistance, QSAR Research in Drug Discovery, Environmental Toxicology
Hongwei Yao

Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry (Research), Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School, 185 Meeting Street, Providence, RI 02912, USA

Interests: Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia; Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease; Pulmonary Fibrosis; Oxidative Stress; Inflammatory Responses; Cellular Senescence/Premature Aging; Mitochondrial Dysfunction; Metabolism
Lei Wang

College of Computer Engineering Applied Mathematics, Changsha University, Changsha 410001, P.R.China

College of Information Engineering, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan 411105, P.R.China, and the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Computing & Information Processing, Xiangtan University, Xiangtan 411105, P.R.China

Interests: Wireless Sensor Network: Communication and Security; Bioinformatics
Luigi Cipolloni

Assoc. Prof., Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Section of Forensic Medicine, University of Foggia, 71122 Foggia FG, Italy

Interests: Forensic Pathology, Forensic Histopathology
Michele Papa

Prof., Human Anatomy School of Medicine, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Via Luciano Armanni, 5, 80138, Naples, Italy

Interests: Study of Striatal Neurons by Double Labeling Techniques
Mirza Hasanuzzaman

Prof, Department of Agronomy, Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh

Interests: Academic Writing, Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Agriculture, Agronomy, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (all), Botany, Crop Science, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Pollution, Environmental Sciences
Prof. Dr. Anburajan Parthiban

Department of Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Seoul, South Korea

Interests: Biofuel Production (Biohydrogen and Biomethane); Environmental Biotechnology (Value-added Products Development & Microbial Community Analysis); Wastewater Treatment (Disinfection); Biopolymer Production (Polyhydroxy Butyrate); Pre-Treatment (Lignocellulosic and Macroalgal Biomass); Microalgae (Isolation & Cultivation)
Prof. Dr. Antoni Camins

Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Science, University of Barcelona, Spain

Interests: Alzheimer; Aging; Apoptosis; Neuropharmacology; Epilepsy
Prof. Dr. Baohong Zhang

Department of Biology, East Carolina University Greenville, NC 27858, USA

Interests: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Toxicology, Genomics, Cotton
Prof. Dr. Changsoo Kim

Crop Genomics and Breeding Laboratory, Chungnam National University, Deajeon, Korea

Interests: Plant Genetics; Plant Physiology; Plant Breeding; Molecular Markers; Plant Biotechnology; Plant Biology; Plant Molecular Biology; Abiotic Stress Tolerance; Agricultural Biotechnology; Crop Improvement
Prof. Dr. Cristoforo Pomara

Department of Medical, Surgical and Advanced Technologies "G.F. Ingrassia", University of Catania, 95121 Catania, Italy

Interests: Forensic Pathology and Histopathological Science; Autoptic Techniques; Forensic Toxicology; Forensic Genetics; Medical Professional Liability; Clinical Governance and Risk Management; Bioethics; Compensation for Personal Injury; Vaccination Issues and Professional Diseases
Prof. Dr. Deyong Ren

State Key Lab of Rice Biology, China National Rice Research Institute, Hangzhou 310006, P.R. China

Interests: Plant Cell Biology; Plant Molecular Biology and Genetics; Plant Abiotic Stress
Prof. Dr. Emiliano Giardina

Molecular Genetics Laboratory UILDM, Santa Lucia Foundation, 00142 Rome, Italy

Department of Biomedicine and Prevention, Tor Vergata University, 00133 Rome, Italy

Interests: Genes and Genetics
Prof. Dr. Guoyao Wu

Animal Science and Nutrition, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843, USA

Interests: Amino Acids and Protein; Nutrition; Health
Prof. Dr. Md. Moklesur Rahman Sarker

Department of Pharmacy, State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Interests: Antidiabetic; Anticancer; Immunity; Hyperlipidemia; Func food; Nutraceuticals; Prophetic Medicine
Prof. Dr. Neven Zarkovic MD, PhD

Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Division of Molecular Medicine, Bijenicka 54, HR-1000 Zagreb, Croatia

Interests: Oxidative Stress, Lipid Peroxidation, Cancer Growth Control, Immunochemistry, Pathophysiology
Prof. Dr. Peter Wong

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Fels Institute for Cancer Research & Molecular Biology, 3307 N Broad Street, AHB, Rm 552, Philadelphia, PA 19140, USA

Interests: Cell Biology; Immune System; Microbiology; Molecular Biology
Prof. Dr. Pietro Gentile

Researcher of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy

Interests: Adipose Stem Cells; Stromal Vascular Fraction; Platelet Rich Plasma; Growth Factors; Fat Graft; Platelet Rich Lipotransfert; Fat tissue; Regenerative Surgery; Regenerative Medicine; Plastic Surger
Prof. Dr. Pudur Jagadeeswaran

Department of Biological Sciences, University of North Texas, Denton, TX, USA

Interests: Genetics of Blood Disease; Thrombosis; Thrombopoiesis
Prof. Dr. Qingping Dou

The Molecular Therapeutics Program, Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, and Departments of Oncology, Pharmacology and Pathology, School of Medicine, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48201-2013, USA

Interests: Cancer Targeted Therapy; Chemoprevention; Ubiquitin-Proteasome System Inhibitors
Prof. Dr. Ru Chen

Department of Medicine, Section of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX 77030, USA

Interests: Cancer; Diagnostics; GI Tract
Prof. Dr. Shaoyong Lu

Department of Pathophysiology, Key Laboratory of Cell Differentiation and Apoptosis of Chinese Ministry of Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine, Shanghai 200025, P.R. China

Medicinal Chemistry and Bioinformatics Centre, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine, Shanghai 200025, P.R. China

Interests: Chemical Biology; Medicinal Chemistry; Computational Biology; Bioinformatics; Drug Design
Prof. Dr. Tsong-Long Hwang

College of Human Ecology, Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, 259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan

Graduate Institute of Natural Products, College of Medicine, Chang Gung University, 259 Wen-Hwa 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan

Interests: Inflammopharmacology; Innate Immunity; Signal Transduction; Phytomedicine; Drug Discovery
Prof. Dr. Undurti N. Das

CEO/CSO of UND Life Sciences, 2221 NW 5th St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA

Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, ASHA Nutrition, CA, USA

Interests: Cancer; Diabetes Mellitus; Lupus; Coronary Heart Disease; Atherosclerosis; Sepsis; Radiation Protection
Prof. Dr. William Konigsberg

Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520, USA

Interests: Biochemistry; Biophysics; Blood Coagulation; DNA Replication; Genetics; Molecular Biology
Prof. Dr. Xiangchun Shen

Department of Pharmacology of Materia Medica, Guizhou Medical University, University Town, Guian New District, Guizhou 550025, P.R. China

Director of the High Educational Key Laboratory of Guizhou Province for Natural Medicinal Pharmacology and Druggability, Guizhou Medical University, University Town, Guian New District, Guizhou 550025, P.R. China

Interests: Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Chemicobiology of Functional Natural Product
Prof. Dr. Ying Fu

Department of Applied Chemistry, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, P.R. China

Interests: Computer Aided Drug Design; Design; Synthesis and Bioactivity of Herbicide; Fluorescence Technology for Detection of Environmental Pollutants
Prof. Dr. Yong Shin‬

Department of Biotechnology, College of Life Science and Biotechnology, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, South Korea

Interests: Development of Medical Diagnostic Applications and Devices to early detection of Human diseases using Biophotonic Device (Neurological diseases and Cancer, and infectious diseases); Development of novel DNA amplification techniques (iNAD; Isothermal Solid phase Nucleic Acids Amplification/Detection) in field of POC (point-of-care) based clinical applications; Development of novel sample processing techniques (SLIM; homobifunctional imidoesters/thin film) in field of POC (point-of-care) based clinical applications; Identification and characterization of DNA Biomarkers (Neurological diseas, Cancer, Infectious); Identification of Cells, Proteins or Nucleic acids (Genetic; DNA/RNA, and Epigenetic; miRNAs, DNA methylation) from Human Fluidics (Blood, Urine, CSF and so on); Drug Delivery System & Antifungal agents using Nanomaterials
Prof. Dr. Yulong Sun

Key Laboratory for Space Biosciences & Biotechnology, Institute of Special Environmental Biophysics, School of Life Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, 710072, P.R. China

Interests: Peptides; Macrophages; Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Prof. Dr. Zhengxi Zhu

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, Jiangsu 225002, P.R. China

Interests: Nanomedicine; Nanoagrochemicals; Nanotechnology; Micro Chemical Engineering and Process Intensification; Turbulent Mixing Technology; Coatings and Film; Polymer Science and Engineering; Multi-scale and Meso-scale Competitive Kinetics
Quan Zou

Prof. Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R. China

Interests: Bioinformatics, Large Scale Data Mining and Machine Learning
Shanmugam Muruganandan

Senior Research Scientist, Department of Biology, Northeastern University, College of Science, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115, USA

Interests: Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Cell Biology
Xiaolei Tang

Assoc. Prof., Physiology and Immunology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Long Island University, 720 Northern Blvd., Room 210 Roth Hall, Brookville, NY 11548, USA

Interests: Regulatory T (Treg) Cells and the role of immune system in tissue repair
Zhiyou Yang

Institute of Nutrition and Marine Drugs, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang 524088, P.R. China

Interests: Neuropharmacology, Aging, Molecular Biology, Natural Product Chemistry, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurite Regeneration